About Buildpath

Natural environment is of prominent importance in contemporary business. According to a study rendered by the United Nations human being has detrimentally changed the Earth’s ecosystem in the second half of the twentieth century “more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history” (Hoffman and Bansal 2012). According to numerous scientific literatures positive impact of the renewable energy on the global warming and climate change is undisputable. We take this as a vital responsibility to assist professional individuals and corporations to establish and promote businesses and facilities that harvest and benefit from environmentally friendly natural resources, industries and techniques. Our objective prompts such philosophy and mentality in both industrial and domestic scales. This strategic intent in global scale will also help us to participate in international sustainable development targets. Even though the new energy services do not, in itself, result in sustainable development they do interact with a number of fundamental social aspects. These are: poverty alleviation – higher health standards – empowerment and equality for women – reduced urban migration and reduced rates of population increase. (Wilkins 2002) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC 2012), in their special report published by the Cambridge University Press, also refer to this fact saying: ‘As well as having a large potential to mitigate climate change, RE [renewable energies] can provide wider benefits. RE may, if implemented properly, contribute to social and economic development, energy access, a secure energy supply, and reducing negative impacts on the environment and health.’

Sustainable innovation and eco-innovation are proved to be core solutions to the global warming and climate change where the former triggers systemic technological approach within enterprises and the latter encompasses societal and political aspects (Shrivastava et al 2013). The ultimate goal is to contribute in migration from hazardous resources into a world of zero-harm natural assets and technologies with long-term sustainable applications using innovative solutions and policies in all possible aspects. Thus we highly rely on technical and individual innovative and creative traits inside the work place and within our solutions. Our core capabilities cover various fields of expertise, with solid foundation for technical and managerial know-how, ranging from earliest stages of scheme lifecycle to point of commercial operation.

It’s imperative to note that numerous sources in relevant fields of study have been used in order to shape and consolidate our corporate strategy and draw out our road map. These references are widely used throughout this website and the full list is accessible using the hyperlink at the end of all our web pages.

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